transition state is a full-service design studio and boutique label led by partners lauren schneider, kelli riley and jenna rochon. with diverse expertise in the fashion, commercial, and residential luxury market; together they have carved out a niche for those that value artful and collected style with a signature sense of laid back luxury. The mission is simple, that all spaces should feel balanced, acquired and intentional.

Our services & scope

exterior & interior design. space planning. architectural plans. furniture & finish selections. lighting & textile design. art curation. branding. graphic design. visual styling & staging. merchandising. renderings. project management. procurement.

our process

b a l a n c e d  | we navigate budget and timeline by making carefully edited design decisions.

a c q u i r e d  | we apply a fresh, distinct and exclusive design to each project.

i n t e n t i o n a l  | we invest where it matters. our designs are built on timeless essentials that exude style and effortlessness.